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5th Grade Science

Circuit that will give electricity
How high or low a sound is
Vibrations cause
Mr. Schmitt's favorite candy
An educated guess we make before an investigation
Energy of motion
A thick string will create a ____ pitch
Sharing information with other scientists
Amount of space an object takes up
The higher the object is, the more ______energy it has
Light bends
Heat energy
Allows electricity to pass through
Tool that zooms in on very small objects
Travels straight
Tool that measures length
Batteries, fireworks, gasoline use _____ energy
Rubbing wool on a balloon causes ______ electricity
Amount of matter in an object
Circuit that will not work
Light bounces
Tool that measures temperature
When a roller coaster goes down a hill it gains _____ energy
Drawing you create before building a prototype
Charges that are the same will:
Opposite charges will:
Does not allow electricity to pass through
A thin string will create a ____ pitch
Tool that measures mass
The ability to cause change