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Gays,Lesbians and LGBT in sports part two

Author: Robert Grummons
- Glenn Burke played this sport in America
- Natalie Cook was an Australian Oympic
First Name of American professional wrestler Young, first WWE performer to disclose that he is gay while still active with the company
Last Name for An American Football Player whose first name is MICHAEL
- Canadian Brian Orser is one
Rudy Galindo is an American one.
Alyson Annan from Australian was a gold medalist in this sport.
Greg Louganis is a famous American for this
Canadian Pat Patterson is one.
- Brendan Burke plays this sport in Canada
- Jason Collins was an American Professional one
Canadian Matthew Hall is noted for this.
was a Canadian FIGURESKATER -
midddle name of Tennisplayer Billie King
Daniela Iraschko-Stolz is an Austrian one
- Nancy Drolet Canadian one
- is an American FIGURESKATER
- American Glory Johnson played this
- American Sheryl Swoopes plays this
- Isabell Herlovsen is a noted for this sport in Norwegian
Athlete, founder of the Gay Games
is an American BODYBUILDER