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The Seven Elements of Art

A type of line that runs up and down the page (top to bottom).
Surface quality that can be seen or felt.
The number of Elements of Art
Light reflected off of an object. Hint: This element is affected by hue, value, and intensity.
A mark that spans the distance between two points.
The type of art that has form and depth - such as a sculpture.
The area inside of a shape.
A type of shape which is unique and unlike other shapes, often these shapes are found in nature.
A type of shape which is common and uniform, such as a circle, square, or triangle.
The seven essential building blocks of art.
The area outside and around a shape.
The type of art that is flat- like a drawing or a painting.
A type of line that runs across a page at an angle, often from corner to corner.
A type of line that runs across a page side to side. Hint: like a sunset over the ocean.
The lightness or the darkness of a color.
The area around, above, and within an object or shape. Hint: There are two kinds, positive and negative.
A three dimensional shape with depth.
A closed line which defines a two dimensional space. Hint: This is the 2D version of a 'Form'