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7th Grade Science: Section 2.5-2.6

Combined petals and sepals
One cotyledon
Considered the most important group of plants on earth
A form of the yucca and is one of the largest members of the lily family
A grass stem
Type of leaf venation where several veins seem to run parallel to each other along the length of the leaf
A structure made of layers of thick fleshy leaves surrounding a very short stem
Underground stems that grow horizontally
A creeping stem that grows along the ground
A leaf that has edges that are smooth and unbroken
A leaf that has extensions of itself that can be blunt or end in a sharp point
The place where the leaf attaches to the stem
Thick, underground stems that grow vertically
The vein pattern of a leaf
Two cotyledons
The stalk that a node attaches to
Leaves that attach directly to the stem by a sheath
Family of flowering plants that grow in warm climates or as potted plants in colder climates
Similar to a spike except that the flowers grow on small stems that branch off the main stem
A leaf arrangement that consists of three or more leaves growing from the same node on a stem
Fruit of the grass family
Family of flowering plants that includes tiger lily, lily of the valley, and the asparagus
The broad, flat portion of a leaf
A cluster of leaves growing around the base of a plant
The edge of a leaf