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American Revolution Crossword

Name: Emily Barton
Made colonists buy government stamp for nearly every paper document
The ____ boys were established to oppose the stamp act
3rd Georgian to sign the declaration of independence
Articles of confederation set up a weak this type of government
Helped founding of UGA; minister and doctor from Connecticut
She was considered a GA hero. She hid Red coats weapons who came into her home demanding food
To protest this colonists dumped 342 chests of tea into the Boston harbor
A series of laws put in place to punish Massachusetts
This colony was the youngest and most loyal colony
People who were born in England and stayed loyal to England throughout the revolution
The georgia constitution said a governor could only serve for one ____
In the articles of confederation it states that each state has its own this
This is the day the declaration of independence was signed
The first african american to own public land in GA
The rally cry of the patriots was "no taxation without____!"
The shot heard around the world took place here
A influential member of the Whig party
The first part of the declaration of Independence is called this
Because of no colonial representation in British Parliament colonists were angered by ___
He joined the GA militia when fighting broke out even though he is from North Carolina
Settlers who wanted to break away from British rule
The french and Indian war left Britain this
A patriot ____ attacked a group of British soldiers camping across Kettle Creek
This many colonies sent representatives to the 1st continental congress