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Texas History Issue 3

Who assumed leadership after de Soto's death?
Who discovered the Mississippi River?
What island did de Narvaez discover?
What large muddy River was originally named Rio de Espiritu Santo?
Who found no riches only pools of oil and dry pueblos-not gold?
Which explorers brought horses, cows, pigs, and sheep to Texas?
What was the name of the first English colony?
Who were the English settlers that fled Europe to escape religious persecution?
Who was sent from Cuba to conquer Florida?
What did de Vaca convince the indians he was?
Who went with Father Marcos de Niza to look for the Cities of Gold
What is the oldest city in our country?
What was de Coronado placed in charge of finding and capturing?
Spain, England, and ______ had colonies in America.
Who was second in command of the de Narvaez expedition and survived being captured by indians?