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7th Grade Science: Section 2.7-2.8

The green pigment of plants
Develop from the sides of the root and force their way between soil particles to absorb nutrients
The excess glucose that is converted in the root's for storage
The tip of the root
Any plant with a long, thin stem that grows along the ground or has tendrils that twine around a wall or other support
Tissue that carries sugars from the leaves to the stem and roots to be stored
The chemical food making process of plants
Tissue that carries water and nutrients from root hairs to the leaves
Nonwoody plants
The root system in which the primary roots remain small and many slender secondary roots grow from it in all directions
The inner portion of the root
Supports the leaves and flowers of plants, transports substances, and stores food
The upward force that results as water enters the roots by osmosis
Evaporation from the leaves
Tiny structures inside the cell of the plant that absorbs the light's energy
The tendency of water molecules to move up through a tiny space
Plant's food
The root system that has a primary root that grows straight down and remains larger than the secondary roots
The continual movement of water from a solution of higher water content through a semipermeable membrane into a solution on lower water content