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LA & Law

Pseudonym of plaintiff who fought Wade
legal entity offering services, for short
one-time LA DA
Los Angeles Superior Court namesake
SF to LA direction
One licensed to practice law
Caesar's dish en Ensenada
Southern California fault
only incorporated city 29 miles off the coast of Los Angeles
________'s Pacific Electric Cafe, in downtown LA
Wrongful act or a treat
Group of lawyers
Trojan Field
get to the mothership, so to speak
Pre-bar exam
Written statement under oath
Conviction that strips voting rights
Choice by vote
LACBA President
Article III, usually
largest State Park in LA County
Minimum number of members for a vote
America's Port
Represent yourself
Sworn-in peer group
Dodger Stadium neighborhood
number of Angry Men
Lawsuits by many plaintiffs
Treaty of ________ Hidalgo
Enforcing the rights of another for own benefit
National warning system in the US
Upside down V over Loser Sign
Ocean movement
Newest Supreme Court Justice initials
LA Law network
haunted hotel in downtown Los Angeles
Kamala Harris's law school alma matter informally
former LA football team
Legally binding agreement
Mediation, e.g.
Request to the court
First Chief Justice of the United States
Combination of two companies
Aid and