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Luke Chapter 19 Part I

Jewish people hated tax collectors, so when Jesus went to Zacchaeus' house, they all did what? (v7)
While the nobleman was away receiving his kingdom, citizens sent a message stating, "We will not have this man __ __ us" ( v14) (Clue: 2 words in consecutive order)
After receiving his kingdom, the nobleman returned. He called his servants to assess how much each had __ (v15)
When first leaving his domain, the nobleman gave resources to his servants with instruction to __ __ __ __ (v13) (Clue: 4 words in consecutive order)
Zacchaeus wanted to see Jesus, but could not due to the crowd and his small stature.. Therefore he climbed a tree. What kind of tree (v4)
The nobleman called for the enemies who rejected his rule and told executioners to __ __ (v27) (Clue: 2 consecutive words)
When Jesus saw Zacchaeus , He said, "__ __ and come down" so they could go to Zacchaeus' house (v5) (Clue: 2 words in consecutive order)
As result of his salvation, Zacchaeus committed to giving __ of his goods to the poor and promised to restore __ anything he took falsely (v8) (Clue: 2 words not in consecutive order)
Zacchaeus worked for the Roman government to collect taxes from his own Jewish people. Those in this occupation were called __ (v2)
The Son of Man's purpose was to __ and to __ that which was lost (v10) (Clue: 2 words not in consecutive order)
Zacchaeus came down from the tree and received Jesus in this manner (v6)
Jesus explained the delay in His earthly domain by telling of a nobleman going away to receive a kingdom and then to __ later. (v12)