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Crossword by Peter Law

Police dive into river with resolve (6)
A degree you and I hold about sums us up (6)
Great work to get more than half of cephalopod (4)
End help? Hold up! (8)
Confused, swears about point. It's what you're looking for (7)
Singer didn't even start to find other half of duo (5)
What is God's man up to? (5)
Oh, bails out in the end (7)
Bar puncture, make getaway (8)
Wise old character has funny day about nothing (4)
Ageless, 'e's sort of grey (6)
Trip was a fortune up front in clothing (6)
Maintain look back (4)
What was up after dance? It's a puzzle (6)
People who play rousing game get rebates after turn (7)
Overzealous painter's offer (5)
Hoax book abridged by grass (6)
Look, such bet's around about right (8)
Sort of action taken about church? It's stupefying (8)
A metre after old boy turned (&)
Put away downtime (6)
Last letter from Israel gives you tax back - some start (4)
Yes, God made a vegetable (4)
Jazz up a point (4)