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Puzzle Type: Educational
Teacher: Dulce
Laws that took citizenship away from Jewish Germans and banned marriage between Jews and other Germans
Sitting war
Night of broken glass
A conference held to determine "the final solution"
A pact between Germany and the USSR
Detention centers
Soviet dictator after Lenin died
British Prime Minister who stood firm against the Nazis' invasion
The Hebrew term for the Holocaust
Japanese military officers believed it was "unJapanese"
Belief that the US should avoid international commitments to avoid another war
A camp where prisoners where executed
The fuhrer or leader of Germany
The idea that trade between nations creates prosperity and helps prevent war
A kind of aggressive nationalism
It made it illegal for the US to sell arms to any country at war
Founder of the fascist party
Accepting demands in order to avoid conflict
Lightning war
The mass slaughter of Jews and other groups by the Nazis