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Science pp. 56-67

When you ___ a cake baking in the oven, that is a sign of a chemical reaction.
4 ounces of strawberries and 4 ounces of blueberries blended together form a mixture that will weigh ___ ounces.
In a chemical reaction, the new materials ___ be changed back to the original material.
A chemical change is a change in the state of matter where the material becomes a ___ material with different properties than the original.
Salts put on highways to melt ice may cause metal on your vehicle to ___.
___ wood in a fireplace is an example of a chemical change to the wood.
The total mass of matter is the ___ as the total mass of matter after a chemical reaction.
Mass stays the ___ even when water changes its state or form.
Energy released from a glow stick is a chemical reaction in the form of ___.
When you strike a ___ to light a candle, the sight of smoke, the smell of gases, and the production of light all occur and are signs of a chemical reaction.
Two or more kinds of matter put together is called a ___.
Acid that is dropped on a substance may ___ and "eat away" at the matter
Burned, ___ (color) toast is a sign of a chemical change.