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Bonding: Physical Science-Fischer

Electron in the outer energy level of an atom
Bond between 2 or more elements caused by a chemical reaction
A number written as a superscript that shows how many electrons are gained or lost
Bond formed when sharing free electrons among a structure of positively charged ions.
The symmetrical three-dimensional arrangement of atoms inside a crystal.
Mono-1, di-2, tri-3, tetra-4 penta-5, hexa-6 hepta-7, octa-8 nona-9, deca-10
Atoms want to have a filled outer energy level, usually 8 valence electrons
Bond between a metal(cation) and a nonmetal (anion).
Bond formed between 2 or more nonmetals, where electrons are shared
When an atom bonds with other atoms, either the same type (O2) or a different type (H2O)
A compound is created when atoms of two different elements combine.
Chemical compounds contain fixed and constant proportions by mass
A combination of symbols representing elements, and the subscripts that tell how many
Consists of a chemical symbol and the placement of valence electron, represented by dots
Lowest whole number ratio for ions
Short notation derived from the scientific name of a chemical element
A positively + charged atom
Indicates the number of atoms of the element
An atom with a charge
A negatively - charged atom