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Montana Geography

Former mining boom town with a different state's name
Mining town with a snake's name
70 below was recorded here, making it the coldest temp ever recorded in MT
One of MT's Interstates
Town & terraced hot springs that hosted Yokie's Naturalization Ceremony
Smallest MT reservation
Eastern neighbor
Biggest MT reservation
The biggest dam in MT, with the highest spillway in the world
Number of reservations
Western neighbor
Longest free flowing river in the lower 48
One of the three Missouri tributaries
Captain Clark named this whitish river which starts in Alberta
The longest & highest bridge in MT
One of MT's Interstates
Famous ski area
One of MT's Interstates
Highest peak
Where Rose lives (most of the year)
Eastern neighbor
Former mining boom town with a different state's name
One of the three Missouri tributaries, named for a founding father
Despite the tranquil name, it's a great river for rafting.
"Bad lands" in Lakota; a state park near Glendive
Beautiful, rugged mountain range, pass, summer ski area, and mountain
This glacier gets its name from the millions of insects buried inside
Southern neighbor
In 1923 this town held a Heavyweight Title Fight
Town where three rivers join to form the Missouri
Northern neighbor
Stretching over 700 miles, this is the longest highway
Iconic mountain at the heart of famous ski area
492 feet depth makes this the deepest lake in MT
Biggest city
Home of MSU
One of the three Missouri tributaries, a famous canyon
Somewhere between 19 and 30 residents live in this, the smallest city
Raucous St. Patrick's Day festivities in this famous mining town