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The student made sure they _______ they rules after they got in trouble during Math class.
To speak
Very clean, spotless
I remember having butterflies in my stomach when I first started ______ my car.
An expression that shows happiness on our face.
The child was ______ when they saw the little puppy.
To eat a meal outside
The crowd began _______ after the play ended.
Action that shows happiness or excitement
To try to do something quickly
Ron _____ to do the spell, but Hermione had to help him.
Goofing around, having fun
To move your feet in a walking motion.
The kids _______ a lot during centers time.
Followed the rules
It was a beautiful day to go ______ in the park.
To attempt to do something
The room had to be ______ before the big party.
I carefully ______ over the puddle in the yard.
The students got in trouble for ______ around during Math class.
I ______ through my math test and made some mistakes.
Something you do to a car, boat, or plane.