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Economics Vocab Crossword Puzzle

A person who uses goods or services.
Resources such as factories, machinery,and tools that people use to make other goods
Any regulation or policy that restricts international trade, especially tariffs, quotas, etc.
A type of trade barrier in which a government places restrictions on the import or export of certain goods. Embargoes often are backed by military force.
The production of one or just a few goods and services.
Goods brought into one country from another through trade or sale.
Money in any form that is a acceptable as a medium of exchange, but especially paper money.
A limited quantity of a particular product that under official controls can be produced, exported, or imported.
The amount of one currency that can be purchased for a given unit of another.
The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries, which decides the price and amount of oil produced each year in Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Venezuela, and other countries.
Organized way for producers and consumers to trade goods and services.
The value of everything produced in a country.
An economic system in which the government decides what goods will be produced, and how they will be distributed.
The knowledge and skills that allow workers to produce goods and services and earn an income.
Reasoning for doing something.
An economic system in which economic decisions are made based on customs, beliefs, religion,and habits.
An economic system that has features of traditional, command, and market systems.
One who grows agricultural products, or manufactures crude materials into articles of use
Someone who brings together land, labor, and capital goods to produce goods and services.
A tax or duty to be paid on a particular class of imports or exports.
The study of how people, businesses, and societies choose to use scarce resources to satisfy their unlimited wants.
A good or service produced within a country and sold outside the country's border.