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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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Spelling List for Week of October 5th

Mommy: Kim Shiel
I love _________ bread!
Jose plays soccer, baseball, football and basketball. He is very _________.
Is your cup made of ceramic or _______?
In the Bible story, David and Goliath, David is a _________ figure.
Another word for math is _________.
The _________ movie, "The Wizard of Oz", is one of my favorites.
Do you like to read _______ books?
The Hawaiian Islands are in the _________ Ocean.
Addition and subtraction are examples of _______ math.
My dad put all of the Christmas decorations in the ______.
Do you believe in _________?
Try not to _______ in an emergency.
Whales are _______.
Let's go on a __________!
I like to wear _________ pants instead of ones you have to button and zip.
To use an _________ pencil sharpener, you must plug it in.
My mother became ___________ when she could not find her purse.
Getting stuck in _________ is frustrating.
We enjoy listening to _______ on long car rides.
Have you been to the ________ library?