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The Sound of Music

Author: Crossword Enthusiast
The youngest child
The second and last boy in the family
The family's butler
What Maria made the children's play clothes out of
Nun who was the Mistress of Postulance: Sister ____
She is sixteen, going on seventeen
Love-interest of the Captain's eldest child
The Captain's solo number
The family's housekeeper: Frau _____
The eldest child wanted to stay at the party so she could taste this
"Eager young lads and roues and cads will offer you food and ____"
Elsa Schraeder's title
The family's last name (2 words)
"To laugh like a ____ that trips and falls over stones on it's way"
"She'd out-pester any pest, drive a ____ from it's nest"
"A ____ on the bridge of a castle moat heard ley-ye-odle-ley-ye-odle-ley-hee-oo"
"Follow every ____'til you find your dream"
When they get back from trying to visit Maria, the children tell their father that they were picking these
Team of soldiers that assume command of Austria
Maria plays this instrument
The second eldest child
Gauleiter who escorts the family to the festival: Herr ____"
Uncle Max's last name
What Marta wanted for her 7th birthday
Country where the story is set
The dance shared by Maria and the Captain
Name of the abbey
"When you read, you begin with ____"
Song that Maria plays during the thunderstorm: "The Lonely ____"
"Cream colored ____and crisp apple strudels"