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Geography Revision Crossword

Teacher: Mrs Deshon
The breakdown of rocks due to to the action of rainwater, temperature change and biological action.
this landscape is formed by water dissolving bedrock over hundreds of thousands of years. eg a cave
the point where the sudden movemnet of an earthquake begins
The longest mountain range in the world, underwater.
this type of weathering is caused by continual thawing and freezing of water which breaks up rock.
a large ocean wave that is caused by sudden motion on the ocean floor
The Hawaiian Islands were formed over one of these
materials moved by wind and water eventually come to a halt
The highest mountain range in the world
the process that moves eroded material to new locations
this type of weathering is casued by living organisms such as algae producing chemicals that break down rocks.
tectonic plates that move apart
an erupting mountain contaning lava
The Pacific Ring of Fire is shaped liek a