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Suffixes / Diagnostic Procedures

Medical Assistant Instructor: Valerie J. Johnson
Producing images of the spinal cord (by use of x-rays)
X-ray beam rotates around the patient detailing the structure at various depths.
Instrument used to visually examine the interior of the bronchus
Instrument used to record heart activity
X-ray of moving structures, such as the movement of substances through the digestive tract. A fluoroscopy produces an image of a structure on a fluorescent screen, rather than on a single x-ray film; observing structures as they move.
A procedure involving the removal of a piece of living tissue, whish is then microscopically examined for any abnormalities
Measurement of the pelvis (used to confirm the size of the maternal pelvis)
Producing images of the breast (by use of x-rays)
Record of the lymph vessel (by use of x-rays
Process of visually examining the bronchus
Instrument used to measure the skull