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Psych Module 6 pgs 132-141

A&P 1 CH2 P2A
The ability to transfer one's thoughts to another or to read the thoughts of others
Perceive events or objects that are out of sight, such as sensing that a friend's house is on fire
The procedure in which both the research participants and the research staff are unaware about whether the research participants have received the treatment or a placebo.
An illusion that a stimulus or object is moving in space when in fact it is stationary. Motion is created by rapidly showing a series of stationary images which each has a slightly different position than the one before.
Which people in the world perceive images holistically.
a method of studying telepathy in which a sender attempts to mentally transmit information to a receiver who is in a sensory-restricted environment in another room
An expectation that causes you to act in ways that make that expectation come true.
An illusion of line length that is distorted by inward-turning or outward-turning corners on the ends of the lines, causing lines of equal length to appear to be different
Which people in the world perceive faces by focusing on the eyes and mouth.
The inability to recognize faces
Which people in the world perceive faces by focusing on the nose.
stimuli that are below the threshold of conscious awareness
An ability to gain or send information by some means other than the ordinary sensory processes
Perceptions of motion tied to movements of real objects that acutulaly move in space.
An illusion of both horizontal rectangles are the same size but the top one looks longer because of linear perspective (railroad)
Processing the use of preexisting knowledge to organize individual features into a unified whole
Pervasive pressures that encourage members of a particular society or ethnic group to conform to shared behaviors, values, and beliefs
Images of objects impossible to construct or design because of laws of physics.
The ability to move objects with one's mind
A false idea; something that one seems to see or to be aware that really does not exist
Perceiving future events
The illusion that stationary lights are moving. It is created by flashing closely positioned stationary lights at regular intervals.
Which people in the world perceive images analytically
Trapezoidal room; creates an optical illusion of one large and one small person even though they are the same size