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EGOT winner Whoopi
Gone With the Wind's Best Supporting Actress (first name)
Jazz legend Fitzgerald
She was in the Supremes and The Wiz
Geordi La Forge's specialty on Star Trek: The Next Generation
Denzel Washington movie The _____ Collector
That's _____ Raven
"Despacito" singer Fonsi
Pras' "Ghetto Supastar" sampled "Islands in the _____"
Charlie Parker's nickname
Text abbrev. for "I really mean it"
Egyptian god
Supermodel-turned-TV host and producer (first name)
Morgan Freeman starred in "_____ on Me"
Initials of actor who played Carlton on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
First name of civil rights martyr Evers
Architect I.M.
Jumping stick
"Hotline Bling" artist
Invisible Man novelist (init.)
The late great Ms. Houston
Doc who treats sinuses
'90s late-night host Hall
The Hate U Give's Thomas
Halle Berry's Storm is a member
Psych star Hill
First name of The Daily Show host
He wrote Deacon King Kong (last name)
Where the Jeffersons moved on up to
Prince song covered by Cyndi Lauper: "When You Were _____"
First letters of three words preceding On in title of Marvin Gaye hit
Queen of rap and acting
Moonlight director Barry
Jordan Peele's 2017 hit
Spanish cheer
Type of corp.
Flower in name of famous real-life L.A. murder mystery
Haitian-American author Danticat
Small New Eng. state
A Raisin in the Sun playwright
Jennifer will portray her in Respect
The Notorious BIG's Ready _____ Die
All Eyez on Me rapper (init.)
Insecure creator and star
Pusha T's "Hell Hath _____ Fury"
Power star Hardwick
Prefix for ultimate
Wesley Snipes' titular superhero
Dr. Dre's long-delayed album
Arctic bird
Billy Porter's Pose character
Rowing implement
To be indebted
Pulitzer Prize winner for DAMN.
He played Dwayne on What's Happening!! (init.)
2 in Roman numerals
Accent mark over n
First and last words in title of Spike Lee's debut feature
Wide shoe size
He went from SNL to Beverly Hills Cop (init.)
"Unforgettable" singer (init.)
Type of Indian music
Green Mountain State (abbrev.)
Hidden Figures Oscar nominee (init.)
Latvian capital
Initials of reggae icon
Homer Simpson exclamation
Horse sitcom Mister _____
SNL and Supermarket Sweep star (init.)
Rapper West's nickname