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Communications Chapter 6

Student: Hannah Aley
The study of nonverbal communication through face and body movements
Items you place in a territory to reserve it
The protective bubble that defines your personal space, ranging from 18 inches to 4 feet
Movements directed at the person with whom you're speaking
The study of spatial communication
Self-touching movements (itching your nose)
Avoiding eye contact to help others maintain privacy
Body gestures that directly translate into words or phrases
Gestures focused on objects
The space that protects you from others, 12 to more than 25 feet
Communication via objects made by human hands
Something that enhances the verbal message they accompany
Movements of the face, body, and hands that communicate emotional meaning
A possessive or ownership reaction to an area of space or to particular objects
Gestures that satisfy some personal need
Actual touching or 18 inches
Nonverbal signals that communicate the nature of your relationship
4 to 12 feet between you and the other person
Behaviors that monitor, control, coordinate, or maintain the speaking of another individual
The type of communication without words