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John - Vocab List - Amounts

To pile up or collect
Complete, including everything
The ____ farmland was dry and dusty.
I think this movie will ____ my expectations. It's supposed to be awesome!
Something of little importance, talk or act jokingly, to play around with
Large, far reaching
More than enough, plenty
The _____ amount of food left everyone hungry and wanting more.
I just read a _____ guide to Harry Potter; it included everything I could ever want to know!
Found throughout, present all around
Better than expected
The library was ______, the rows of books seemed to go on forever!
How much snow will ______ during the blizzard?
The ivy was _____, it was all over the forest!
You should have ____ time to compete the activity.
Occurring or growing far apart, not dense, scattered
Not able to grow crops, unproductive, empty
You should not ____ with your friends in class... you might get in trouble!
Less than enough, a small amount.
The trees in the forest were _____ leaving lots of space for sunlight to reach the ground below.