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The French Revolution and Napoleon

Name: ____________________________
Started by rumor
Versailles protester want
Affected by the Civil Constitution
Grand Duchy site
Final Napoleonic defeat
French queen's home
Levee en masse
Sans-culottes supporters
Popular vote
New Third Estate title
Robespierre's virtue
Paris Commune position
Labor tax
Robespierre's inspiration
Fled the revolution
King's "crime"
Where the "oath" took place
Napoleon's home
Site of many Napoleonic wins
Five-man group
"Liberty, Equality, Fraternity"
Reign of Terror symbol
Revolutionary currency
First Napoleon exile
Grievance notebooks
French advisors
National Guard leader
French embargo system
Female journalist
Right to vote
Revolutionary center
Robespierre's committee
Financial expert
Identified the disguised king
"Revolution will become more violent"
Peace with the Church
Old French fortress
St. Domingue
Social class