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6th Grade Science: Section 2.9-2.11

A glossy shelled mollusk
A freshwater invertebrate with tentacles around its mouth
Cephalopod with 8 tentacles
Invertebrate that enriches the soil with its castings
The smallest possible animal that is made up of one single cell
Cephalopod with 10 tentacles
Surrounds the cell and protects it
The smallest living unit in any living organism
Small hairlike structures that keep water moving along the sides of a sponge
Soft-bodied invertebrates that include clams, oysters, slugs, snails, squids, and octopuses
Located in the center of a cell and directs the work of the cell
"stomach foot"
A jellylike fluid that fills the cell
Tissue that produces the shell of a mollusk
A rigid or bumpy shelled mollusk
Arms of a sea star
Type of worm that includes leeches, tapeworms, and roundworms
Threadlike structures that contain the instructions for running the cell
Tiny organs that move around the cytoplasm and carry on essential processes of life
A bow-shaped invertebrate with long stinging tentacles
Cephalopod with 94 tentacles
A one-shelled mollusk
A mollusk with two matching fan-shaped shells that are joined together by a hinge
A mollusk without a protective shell that lives on land