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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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Crossword Creator: Mason Teitelbaum
The sharing of information.
Organ that breaks down food for digestion.
Vessels that move blood carrying oxygen away from the heart to other parts of the body.
Protects the cell and helps keeps it shape.
Sends messages to your brain to help determine smells.
Organs that protect & store minerals in the body.
Helps determine what things taste like.
Ways that scientists conduct an investigation.
The organ that pumps blood through your body.
Forms sex cells in the body.
Organ that stores bile and sends it to the small intestine.
Your belief
Path for information to travel to and from the brain.
Tiny clues gathered.
Gives you your eye color.
Located in the inner ear and it vibrates and helps you hear.
The way the body gathers information.
Tissue that connects bones together.
The study of the natural world.
Characteristics passed from parents to their children.
The smallest living thing on earth.
When a measurement is close to the real size.
Stores water in a plant.
The inner layer of skin.
Organs that expand to fill up with air.
An educated guess.
To look into something.
An illness that makes it hard for a person to breathe.
Called the master gland.
The outer layer of skin.
Organs that remove waste from the blood.
Directs the cells activities.
The amount of space a solid, liquid or gas takes up.
The largest organ in the body.