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American Revolution (BP)

Major American victory where British General Burgoyne is defeated
Valley _____, Pennsylvania where Washington's troops spent a cold winter
The last name of the writer of Common Sense
The country Ben Franklin first got support from
Last name of the British General who surrendered at Yorktown
The last name of the American who helped get French support for the war
Where the first shots of the war occurred at
City where Washington surprises Hessians and defeats the British
The second of the three guys who warned that the British were coming. NOT Paul Revere.
The type of warfare where people attacked and then ran away
The Second Continental ___________ was the group that signed the Declaration of Independence
Final major defeat of the British that ends the war!
The last name of the General put in charge of the American Army
Volunteer soldiers who fought as Patriots
The city that the Americans surrounded and forced the British to retreat from in 1776
The last name of the ship captain who attacked the British