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First Grade Street Names

The fine branches of this tree give it a lacy appearance
This tree is tall and stately and is rarely seen anymore.
This street is named after a man who was the purchasing agent at Steep Rock Iron Mine. What do you see in the night sky?
This tree loves the rich moist soils found in wetlands. It appears to be drooping.
This is a man's middle name. The last part of the name is "ville."
The needles of this tree are flat. The sap is aromatic.
There are three common types of this tree in the Atikokan area. One is named "Jack."
There are 10 species of this tree in Canada. The leaf of this tree is on the Canadian Flag.
The name of this street made Atikokan famous and it is important to the production of steel.
This tree attracts a very mean beetle.
This street is named after a person. The last part of the name is "son."
This street is named after a slow-growing tree. It usually lives for about 200 years.
This tree is a very good source of dye. The roots make brown, the leaves yellow and the bark yellow-brown