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Roots of Culture

Wyatt Peterschicks Crosswork puzzle
The Europeans contributed different languages such as Spanish, ,English, French
The Europeans brought over ________ vis Columbian exchange
The Mayan's developed the science of __________
The African's Contributed the Celebration _________ which is widely celebrated by all.
The Europeans contributed the religion of Roman and ___________.
The Mayan's were know for what Writing _________ ______.
The Mayan's were known to grow corn, ,squash
The Europeans brought over horses and _______.
Africans contributed many types of music including merengue, samba, _________, El Cajon.
African's contributed different religions like Shango and ________
The Inca developed the ______ Bridge
The Aztec's were famous for there ________.
The Inca's developed suburb ___________ and engineering techniques
The Aztec's were good for the corn, Vanilla, _______.
The Europeans brought over __________ that were new to America.
The Inca's developed an advance ________ keeping system.
The Aztec's built and designed the ______ system that is still in use today.