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Louisiana's Old State Capitol

Teacher: cwall
_______wrote and sang "You Are My Sunshine"
Governor _____ is buried on the grounds of the Old State Capitol
The fire was started by ______
_____ thought the building was ugly
His foundry made the cast iron fence
_______ restored the building in 1882
______ are found in the marble floor of the Old State Capitol
Unusual tree planted on the grounds
The building was destroyed by ____ in 1862
_____ donated the land for the Old State Capitol to be built
The Old State Capitol is on the _____ River
______was the first African American Governor of Louisiana
_____ was impeached in the House Chamber
_____ is the state flower of Louisiana
____ was the first architect of the Old State Capitol
A boxcar on the grounds of the OSC
The staircase is made of _____
______wrote a diary about the Civil War
______ guard the west entrance to the Old State Capitol
The black and white marble floor is from ____
____ is the state tree of Louisiana