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Leading feminist who wrote the “Declaration of Sentiments” in 1848 and pushed for women’s suffrage
radical New York commune that practiced complex marriage and eugenic birth control
"Father of Prohibition"
written in spirit of Declaration of Independence (“all Men and Women are created equal”)
painted birds with exact detail
Painted the Revolutionary War in dramatic fashion
A leading female transcendentalist who wrote Little Women and other novels to help support her family
Memorable 1848 meeting in New York where women made an appeal for more rights
wrote “The Raven” and many short stories; invented modern detective novel and “psychological thriller”; he was fascinated by the supernatural and reflected a morbid sensibility
The doctrine, promoted by American writer Henry David Thoreau in an essay of the same name, that later influenced Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr.
Liberal religious belief, held by many of the Founders such as Paine, Jefferson, and Franklin, that stressed rationalism and moral behavior rather than Christian revelation while retaining belief in a Supreme Being
Religious group founded by Joseph Smith that eventually established a cooperative commonwealth in Utah
painted 60 portraits of Washington
"father of Public Education"
His writing stressed self-government, self-reliance, depending on self - most famous for his work, Self Reliance
Quietly determined reformer who substantially improved conditions for the mentally ill
Philosophical and literary movement, centered in New England, that greatly influenced many American writers of the early nineteenth century
Wrote poems that cried out against injustice, intolerance, inhumanity
Herman Melville’s great but commercially unsuccessful novel about Captain Ahab’s obsessive pursuit of a white whale
communistic community led by Mother Ann Lee; they couldn’t marry so they became extinct
Quaker women’s rights advocate who also strongly supported abolition of slavery