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Weather Crossword

Stay Away from windows as this dangerous storm can break them!
When the temperature is below 10 degrees.
These are dense fluffy looking clouds.
A column of air rotating so fast it can suck things like people cars and houses up!
A thick cloud that touches the ground.
Where warm air meets cold air.
A year-to-year variation of the atmosphere's condition over a large area.
You see this before you hear thunder!
Cold air meets warm air.
The result of water being evaporated into the air.
Someone who studies weather.
A boundary between two different air masses.
This instrument measures specific density of liquids
When a storm occurs and the sea level rises this can cause a?
The day-to-day variation of the atmosphere's condition given a local setting.
This is a form of solid precipitation.
These types of clouds are flat and are often seen alone in the sky.
The atmospheric temperature in which water droplets begin to condense and dew can form.
Overtime the climate gets warmer.
This instrument is used to measure earthquakes.
Similar to a thunderstorm but these wind speeds can be as fast as 25-38 mph!
Liquid water in the form of droplets.
The opposite of cold.
Lightning and thunder are associated with this type of weather.
Ice crystals within the atmosphere that when become too heavy they fall to the ground as this
This instrument is used to tell temperature
If there is a lot of moisture in the air, this is high
These are low-leveled clouds that are often seen as being "stretched out"
This instrument measures wind speed and direction
A form of precipitation consisting of ice pellets.