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Chapter 12 Crossword US History

Proposal to ban slavery in all territory gained from Mexico
President who favored acquiring Texas and Oregon
Attacked and took Santa Fe.
Was awarded land by Mexico to encourage people to settle there
The U.S. claimed this was the border between Texas and Mexico
Claimed California was independent in 1846
Made a fortune making tough denim pants for miners
The last battle of the Texas Revolution
Migrants to California seeking gold
Nicknamed "old fuss and feathers"
The US paid Mexico 10 million Dollars for the southern parts of Arizona and New Mexico
Mexico claimed this was their northern border in Texas
The European country that controlled Mexico till 1821
Navy commodore who claimed California for the US
General Scott took this city ending the Mexican-American War
Crockett died here
O'Sullivan coined this term.
A term meaning to search for gold
Forced to turn over over 500,000 square miles of territory
Many immigrants came form this country to California
Used pans to wash gold nuggets out of loose gravel
Entered into the disputed area between Texas and Mexico leading to war.
Discovered gold while building a mill
Dictator of Mexico
Mexico required settlers to convert to this
The Father of Texas
The first battle of the Texas Revolution
First President of Texas
Owned the land in California where gold was discovered
Tried to purchase Texas from Mexico