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Chapter 15: Treating Psychological Disorders

A pattern of negative actions by a client’s family members; the pattern includes critical comments, hostility directed toward the person by family members, and emotional overinvolvement.
Drugs that affect mental processes.
Treatment based on the premise that behavior is learned and therefore can be unlearned through the use of classical and operant conditioning.
An intensive treatment for autism, based on operant conditioning.
An improvement in physical or mental health following treatment with a placebo—that is, with a drug or treatment that has no active component on the disorder being treated.
A class of psychotropic medications used for the treatment of depression.
A class of psychotropic medications used for the treatment of schizophrenia and other disorders that involve psychosis.
The generic name given to formal psychological treatment.
A procedure that involves administering a strong electrical current to the person’s brain to produce a seizure; it is effective for some cases of severe depression.
A behavioral therapy technique that involves repeated exposure to an anxiety-producing stimulus or situation.
A therapy that strives to help clients recognize maladaptive thought patterns and replace them with ways of viewing the world that are more in tune with reality.
A form of therapy based on Freudian theory; it aims to help clients examine needs, defenses, and motives as a way of understanding distress.
Treatment of psychological disorders based on medical approaches to disease (what is wrong with the body) and to illness (what a person feels as a result).
This class is_______.
The goal of psychoanalysis; a client’s awareness of his own unconscious psychological processes and how these processes affect daily functioning.