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Ancient Israel, Section 1-2 Terms

When the Israelites were able to leave slavery in Egypt
The capital city of Israel
God revealed himself to this man and eventually started the nation of Israel
The man God chose to lead his people out of Egypt
The main river in Israel
The laws God gave Israel that told them how they should live.
A place of worship that symbolizes God's presence with His people
A binding agreement
Jacob's sons became the 12 ______ of Israel
Worship of one God
The Hebrew name for the one true God
Worship of many gods
A climate term that means mild winters and warm summers
The covenant based on the 10 Commandments
The Hebrew religious calendar is this type of calendar
The one day of the year when the high priest could enter the holy of holies in the temple
The holiday that celebrates when God protected the Israelites when He judged Egypt.
Restoration (fixing) the broken relationship between God and man
The special name God gave to Jacob
One of the covenants that promised a future for Israel, despite their disobedience.