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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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Earth Science 1st final rev 2020

Ability of a planet to reflect light
Device that casts a shadow
The sun's surface is not liquid, gas, or solid, it is ____
He proved planets' orbits are not circles
Orbiting telescope
The distance to stars very far away is measured using ____ shift
First astronomer to use a telescope
Theory that earth revolves around the sun
The 8th planet from the sun
Theory that the earth is the center of the universe
Planets between the earth and the sun
Brightness of a star
If the earth were to become a black hole, it would be the size of a ____ ball
Planets farther from the sun than earth
Element discovered on the sun before it was found on earth
Newton developed a telescope that used a ____ to replace a lens
The word planet means ____
He developed the law of gravity
Part of the sun's atmosphere
Stars that exploded