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Shakespeare, Macbeth act IV crossword

Author: Pete Dickey
Who brings Macbeth word of Macduff's fleaing to England?
What trait of Macduff's does Malcolm test? he tests his _______.
What does Macduff's son advise his mother to do while he is being stabbed?
Who fleas to england?
Which of the witches speaks of an owlet's wing during the fourth act?
What word does Macduff's son ask his mother about?
This character feels that her husband has betrayed her during this scene.
Who brings Macduff word that his family has been murdered?
Who is the final character that the weird sisters show Macbeth?
Who elects to have Macduff's family killed?
This character tries to convince Macduff's family that Macduff left for good reason.