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American Revolution Bonus Puzzle!

What Paul Revere made to make the Boston Massacre seem worse than it was.
Washington inoculated his soldiers to stop this disease.
Cause of the skirmish that led to the Boston Massacre
Anna ___ used laundry to send messages
Washington told the doctor treating Lafayette's wound as if he were Washingtons' ___
Spies used ___ ink.
John Paul Jones famous quote when asked to surrender to the British- " I have not yet begun to ___"
Paul Revere invented a __ __ to protect the hull of ships.
____ ____ dressed like a man so that she could fight for her country.
Sampson was caught when she had a high ____.
John Armistead Lafayette was the country's first __ ___
What region of the country did Swamp Fox fight in?
Allen and Arnold took Fort ___ together.
Revolutionary known for guerilla warfare
Dirt from the land at this battle is on Lafayette's grave in France.
Both women known as Molly Pitcher fought at the Battle of ___
What type of neglect did the British impose before the Sugar Act.
When Sampson left the military, she was given a ______ discharge.
Act that forced Colonists to allow British soldiers in live in their homes.
Who pushed Benedict Arnold to betray his country?
Paul Revere known for his _____ ride.
Washington was known for learning from ____
The goal of the Tea Act was to save the East __ Tea Company
Which act caused the Sons of Liberty to be created?
What branch of the military did John Paul Jones lead?
1/3 of Washington's army left while they were at __ __
Ethan Allen's men who fought with him were the ___ __ Boys
Name of Washington's spy group
Spies used ___ & coded letters
Because of the Intolerable Act the Boston __ was closed
Number of times Washington crossed the Delaware River
French Indian War created this problem for the British
Revere warned the colonists about the British by traveling by sea & Dawes traveled by ____.