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A clown's performance
Opposite of dull
Funny sayings
They pop
This is put on the face
A gathering of people celebrating
It tells us you are turning one year older
A dramatic character
Many colors
Objects used by a clown
A platform to perform on
Where Clowns visit with patients
One activity a clown does that involves paint
What a clown wears on their feet
The slower character clown
Used to make beautiful eyes
Below the knee of a clown
A clown acts ?
An act of tossing balls or other objects
Something we hear when there is a clown around
It grows in a garden and can be found in a clown's hat
An act that a clown performs
They love clowns
Polka ?
What a clown wears on their nose
Clowns attend many different kinds
A Ukulele makes ?
Making ? is fun!
A Tramp clown
Clowns are very very ?
This is the boss type clown
An example is pulling a rabbit out of the hat
An act of bonding with another person
Clowns wear these on their hands
Clowns wear this on their head
Clowns can do the art of balloon ?
It makes a clown look real
A good clown will always have a ?
Clowns like to make ?
Clowns love elderly people called ?
Clowns that hang out together