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6th Grade Science: Section 3.1

Mineral fragments laid down by water and cover the earth's crust
"float" like rafts on the soft rock of the upper mantle and make up the earth's crust
Type of weathering that takes place when rock is broken down by water, ice, or windblown sand
An underwater mountain range
Worn away
A deep, muddy valley formed in the ocean floor
The middle layer of the earth
The outermost layer of the earth
A process that causes rocks to gradually break or crumble into smaller pieces
The study of the earth and its structure
The innermost region of the earth
A gap created between two plates that quickly fill up with molten rock and form a ridge
Type of weathering that occurs when natural acids slowly eat into a rock and break it apart
The temperature of the rocks in the earth increase with what?
The boundary between the crust and the mantle