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Luke Chapter 23 Part II

The women from Galilee prepared burial spices on crucifixion day, but rested on this day. (v56)
Jesus declared that during tribulation days people would say this to mountains. (v30) (Clue: 3 words in consecutive order)
On the cross above Jesus' head was a sign identifying Him as King of the Jews. The sign was written in three languages. Name them. (v38)
The women from Galilee followed Joseph and Nicodemus to behold the __. (v55)
Jewish leaders, Roman soldiers and those crucified with Jesus mocked Him saying, "If You are King of Jews do this." (v37) (Clue: 2 words in consecutive order)
During the time of crucifixion darkness covered the earth from __ hour until __ hour. (v44) (Clues: 2 words not in consecutive order. Translation: today we would say from noon until 3 PM)
Knowing tribulations coming in future years, Jesus told crying women to "__ __ __ __". (v28) (Clue: 4 words in consecutive order)
Two criminals were crucified with Christ at a place with this name. (v33)
Joseph of Arimathaea was a good man who waited for this, (v51) (Clue: 3 words in consecutive order)
When hung on the cross, Jesus prayed these words for His accusers. (v34) Clue: 2 words in consecutive order)
Christ chose His own time of death when He said, "Father, into Thy hands __ __ __ __". (v46) (Clue: 4 words in consecutive order)
Jesus hung between two criminals. One cried to Jesus to save the three of them from death. The other said, "Remember me in thy kingdom." Jesus promised this man he would meet Jesus where? (V43) (Clue: 2 consecutive words)
This man was required to carry Jesus' cross when He became to weak to carry it Himself. (v26)