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French Cities & Rivers

Teacher: Theology
The third largest city of France. It is an important commercial city at the center of the silk industry
Coronation site of the kings of France. It is also noted for its Gothic Cathedral and preparation of champagne.
In the northeastern France, it is a center for cotton and linen fabrics and for industrial machinery
France’s chief port on the English Channel (la Manche) and departure point for ships bound for North America
Starts as a glacial stream in Switzerland and flows southward to the Mediterranean, is another important hydroelectric power source
On the Mediterranean sea, it is France’s largest seaport and its second largest city
Located in the heart of France; it is known for its production of tires.
The shortest river of France, a major source of hydroelectric power
Located in the Basque region and is an Ocean resort on the Atlantic ocean.
The longest river of France, is a famous tourist attraction, due to the charming chateaux that adorn its banks
Industrial river in northeast France is important for shipping to northern europe. It forms a natural boundary between france and germany
Most navigable and most important commercial rive of France. It empties into the English Channel at Le Havre
Noted for its red wine and it is an industrial city at the mouth of the Garonne river.
It is the center of the council of Europe, this river port on the Rhine is known for its Pate de froi gras
Noted for its red wine and it is an industrial city at the mouth of the Garonne river.
Inland port; capital of France and its most populated city and it’s an international fashion center