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Matthew, mostly

Young sheep
Those needing a resurrection
Trees are known by this
Noah built one
How often Jesus lies
Sunrise direction
Type of covenant
Wheat and ___
___of the sabbath
Witnessing may --- a life
Jesus once taught aboard this
Long thin sea creature
Jesus was buried in one
Type of rule
Fishers of ___
They were often with the Pharisees
Place for lions
It often pictures sin
The Lord's ___
To make furrows in soil
Bad type of slave
Kidron or Hinnom were two
These young ones were blessed
2 words said at wedding
Genuine, expensive oil
It was calmed by Jesus
King in Judea
Go through this gate
Religious leaders ask for one
Modern can metal
Woman touched Jesus' outer ___(plural)
Jesus walked on this
Opposite of from
Jesus' family fled here
Priests do this before a sacrifice
Wild animal
Opposite of she
Abbreviation for southeast
He denied Jesus
Son of ___
Peter cut one off
Opposite of night
Married ones are this
King James version of "you"
Demons were sent into these
Flying mammal
Doze off
These were given to Peter
Organ of sight
To temporarily give money
Luminary by day
Jesus was dead for about 3 of these
What trees are known by
Part of a man that was withered
Those being saved
Less than
Jailer may hold these
Defilement comes from this
Tax was once paid by this from a fish
Not just know, but ___ right
Steering area of a boat
Persons who can't see
Matthew collected these
Sermon location
One with a serious disease
Virgin who gave birth
Jesus' tempter
You will ___ the truth. . . .
This is sown to grow crops
Covers the face
In boat, Jesus slept on a ___
Substance poured on Jesus
Place to grow grapes
Many years ___
Shepherd would do this for sheep
Main theme of Jesus' preaching
This in used to catch many fish
Ace a race
What the harvest is
In heaven ___ moth nor rust consumer
This is faithful and discreet
Looked after by a shepherd
Opposite of "come"
Spoils, as a vegetable
Where portion of garment is sewn together
Fish live in one
Faith like a mustard ___
Temporary shelters
Execution device
All these 2 and under were killed
Beams of sunlight
Industrious insect
Opposite of wet
Chest muscle for short
Opposite of don't
Opposite of out