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Michael Vey: The Prisoner of Cell 25

Teacher: Mrs. Handford
The grade Michael is in
The evil leader of Elgen Academy
What the football players called Michael: Little ________
Name of high school
Michael's best friend
Michael's mom works at
What Michael's dad died of
Book Michael was reading for school
Blind glow
Fat snakes with acne
Michael's syndrome
Where they were going to eat dinner for M's birthday
What the electric kids are called
Leonard Frank Smith aka _____
The principal of Michael's school
Taylor's power
Michael went to Jack and ____ Wade to drive them
Name of the kids' group
Hatch told the glows they were ______ and humans were chickens
Where Michael lives
Hatch wore these to see the glows
Michael's age
One of Michael's favorite treats
Ostin though Michael's mom was ____
Name of school Michael and Taylor were given "scholarships" to
The most evil girl glow
Cheerleader and fellow glow
City of Elgen Academy
The bullies pulling down
When Michael and Ostin bump fists
Tara took Taylor shopping on _____ Drive
Taylor's evil twin