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Science Menu Crossword

Author: Shelby Smith
mass per unit volume
Natural particle found formed when atoms share electrons
Solid that comes back out of it's solution because of a chemical reaction
neutral charged particles in an atoms nucleus
A substance produced when elements combine (properties dif. from elements)
Characteristic of something that permits it's change to something new
The building block of all matter
Rate at which matter catches fire and burns
To change from liquid to a vapor
The substance to be dissolved
The one doing the dissolving (example: Water)
Matter that doesn't have a definite shape or volume
A combination of compounds and elements that hasn't formed a new substance.
Temp. at which matter changes form from solid to liquid.
Matter with no definite shape but a definite volume
positively charged particle located in an atom's nucleus
How easily something reacts with something else
Invisible negatively charges particles in an atom's nucleus
Any characteristic of matter that can be detected by the senses without changing the identity of the matter
one of the extremely small constituents of matter, as an atom or nucleus
Superheated gas with particles that move so quickly they are reduced to protons, neurons, and electrons
Matter with definite shape and volume