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Psychology: Emotion Module 1

first puzzle
The idea that it's difficult to hide or fake our emotions supports the idea that "we are __________ to communicate our emotions"
We have little or no __________ control over our emotions
The _____ shows the emotions
We are designed ___________ to show and feel emotions.
An imperfect definition that allows a concept to be measured
Emotions are __________, they are temporary and don't last very long
The way you evaluate what is causing your emotion is called "_________ appraisal"
Emotion can make us do things we normally wouldn't to, Dr. Swope described it as "Emotion elicits a ______:
The _____ feels the emotions
__________ is affected by emotion.
Your emotions are based on your thoughts and perceptions, this is known as "subjective _______"
Emotions have a definitive value, they are good or bad, not in the middle, this is called a _________
We are designed to react to the emotions of others
When studying emotion, we can't actually see emotion, only the behavior caused by emotion, this is called "lack of ___________'
You don't usually see an emotion coming, they're involuntary or _______.