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The Mass

The _____ helps to lead the congregation in singing hymns to God.
What you do before you sit down in your row.
We stand and listen to Jesus' teachings during the ______.
A _______ is a book that has the readings and prayers of the Mass in it.
At Mass, the Priest's helpers are called altar ______.
As we walk down the aisle to sit, be mindful of the presence of ____.
The Mass is divided into _____ major parts.
During the Profession of ______ we proclaim our beliefs through the Creed.
After the Gospel, the Priest gives the ______, which helps the people to understand God's word.
During the Penitential _____ we remember our sins and ask God for mercy.
A ______ is a person who reads the readings from the Bible to the people in church.
The Liturgy of the _______ is the part of the Mass when we celebrate Christ's presence in the Eucharist.
The ______ Reading is God's Word from the New Testament.
Name of the wooden bench you sit on at church.
The part of the Mass when we hear God's plan of salvation and prepare to celebrate the Eucharist is called the Liturgy of the _______.