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The Sun

An arch bound by the Sun's magnetic field and can last for months.
Caused when electrically charged particles enter at Earth's poles, mix with gases and glow.
The force which causes all the objects in the Solar System to stay in orbit.
The rising and falling of currents, carrying heat (where the magnetic field is created).
The layer above the photosphere. Home of prominences.
Where the Sun's nuclear fusion takes place.
From the Corona, a stream of electrically charged particles sent out into space.
Energy from the core travels outward through this layer.
The amount of matter in an object.
Regions of concentrated magnetic fields that are cooler in temp.
Radiant light and heat from the Sun.
An intense burst of radiation that results from the release of magnetic energy
The combining of atoms.
The visible layer of the Sun's atmosphere.
The state of matter where atoms have some of their orbital electrons removed.
The crown. Only visible during total solar eclipse.