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DIA Collection Crossword 10

This week's crossword is paired with the following artwork from the DIA's collection:

Early African American painter Joshua Johnston studies a canvas while grasping this painter’s tool.
You might assume everyone is wearing them, but only seven are visible.
The figure who stands tallest is named ________ ______.
Opera singer Marian Anderson might be studying music for her next performance in a dress of this color.
Harlem Renaissance poet Langston Hughes clutches paper in one hand while his other palm is this, another word for facing up.
George Washington Carver, scientist and developer of a popular nut butter, cradles this plant in his hands.
Phillis Wheatley, the first African American writer to be published, holds this writing implement in her left hand.
Four people are wearing this knotted neck accessory.
Richard Allen, founder of the African Methodist Episcopal Church, carries this symbol of Christianity.
Pressed into sheets from the pulp of wood, this many figures are in possession of it; bound and unbound.